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New Year’s Perspective

I’m not sure why, but I feel like this year has descended with it’s own set of possibilities and priorities. I’m definitely see-sawing to attend to the neglected parts of last year that took a beating because I was so fixated on business and relationships and self soothing by indulging in those small moments that were allowed in between. It was an extremely stressful, but lucrative year.

This year is starting off with a firm hand. I am exchanging some bad habits for new and improved ones. Exercise, though still as yet elusive, is going to be a top priority. I can’t believe I didn’t exercise even one single day in 2013. Unbelievable! If it weren’t for Marcel I would have starved during the summer. Eating right and making most meals at home is my absolute second top priority, as I need to monitor my nutrition to complement any chance of slimming down and getting more fit. Luckily, a last minute stop at this new cafe Lemonade before getting on a plane at LAX showed me a lot of yummy, simple, vegetarian possibilities for me to make at home.

My refrigerator and cupboard (and bathroom) is often a reflection of my psyche, and I seem to have flipped a switch from believing I was always lacking (and therefore hoarding and buying too much) to now understanding I have way too much and can live on whatever is there for months, perhaps years if I really needed to. I lack nothing at all and am enjoying rediscovering all that I currently possess and waiting for me to add a little time and magic.

Travel, under the circumstances will happen a little more frequently this year due to an unexpected visit to Europe. My friends commented that I was stressed in LA, but that is nothing compared to how stressed I was in St. Thomas earlier in the year in the middle of all my deals. Closing so many deals I learned a LOT and I think am better prepared for the next round of business, and I do mean round. It’s usually a 3-4 month careful process of guiding things along to their finish where I can hardly bat an eye as I am juggling 2-4 of these at any given time. But I vow to take things a little more light-heartedly this year and make some room for adventure. Because only when we are out in this world can destiny and kismet really find us.

It’s really nice to approach a new year with a feeling of abundance, whether or not that is the reality or whether or not that will prove to be the reality this coming year. But I am hopeful for positive changes and embracing the beauty in life.