This fantastic life of ours

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this floor is perfection

this floor is perfection

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Cute Youtube video about BDOYL inspiring me to be creative. I don’t have visual artistry skills but I can definitely describe.

Wake up, pool is empty, warm and not too heavily chlorinated. Immediately lose 2 inches off my tummy.

Walk over to Cranky’s for breakfast and order their SOS. Happens to come with a side of corned beef hash and buffalo chicken SMAC. All for 200 calories.

Walk down 5th Ave and multiple owners need to sell their 5M apartments. I’m in the right place at the right time.

Massage time and facial at 5 star spas. Caudalie is currently my favorite one. They send up a plate of macaroons and early grey tea.

Call the bank to see if any buildings are in pre-foreclosure so I snatch them up as investments.

Pack a basket of korean food and pick up my mom to watch a legend at the Hollywood Bowl. We have lots of room, nobody is on top of each other, and we drive home in a convertible VW Cabrio which they made a special edition of for me.

Home to a king size tempurpedic bed and Marcel who snipped some fresh flowers from a garden to decorate our apartment with. Binge watch Orange is the New Black and prepare for a productive day tomorrow.

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another perfect outfit

another perfect outfit

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Been living on this the last month.

Been living on this the last month.

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This is fashion perfection to me

This is fashion perfection to me

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